Storm Edge Friday 1.jpg
Incoming Storm Over Chicago. Photo by Divi Logan.

Changing times are every day, and in the turbulent society in which we attempt to go about safely and sanely we might ask if there is something sturdy, hardy and constant to which we might hold. In a young nation undergoing growth pangs- as a human being in ego development so too are nations and especially America- there will be ups and downs, the pull of opposites and a “go with the wind” sensation.

What are we to do when there is so much tug and pull upon us and our consciences and our resources? After all, everyone only has a certain amount of energy to expend during a day, so let us find ways to use this energy and our resources wisely. The essential way to do this is to dig deep within our own True Self and ground our basic instincts as a lotus.


Lotus flowers are known for their good root systems, so strong they cannot be easily pulled up, and they can spring in brilliant colors from the murkiest waters. In essence the symbol of the lotus is one for national development; America is in a dark and stained time, a time when vision does not seem clear and people pit themselve against others, and government regulations do not help in the need for unity. We are losing the ground of the Pure and Universal Self in the face of corporate glowing-screen herd instinct and diversion mentality.

A way to find True You in the midst of the otherness madness is first to find a space to yourself. This is vital to good mental, spiritual, and physical health; the mind and body need clearing from all types of pollution- light, noise, exhaust, gossip, politics, industrial, artificial and chemical that corrupt our environment. You can find the space by escaping into the personal device and earphones but this is not the best way. In fact it is not a healthy way to find positive diversion, as noise levels might become bad for your hearing and take your attention away if you are in public and around transit stations, for example.

You would be better off by setting the devices aside (remember, it is someone else’s programming and ideas and corporate intrusion onto your brain) and turn to natural sources for inspiration and healing. Nature is our best connection to find our True Self, the Pure You, with materials and plants over which man has not dominion or has interfered with or artificially enhanced. People who live in cities may find interaction with nature harder to obtain without fighting traffic to get to a park, botanic garden or zoo, the public pool or the aquarium or the natural history museum, and even then you must deal with the sprawl of other people and the surround of buildings and the background noise of cars and buses.


If you have any sort of private living quarters, you can find a Self Space. You might have to Pure Tao or Shoin style (see my welcome post) your way into a small space but that space will be your special area, where you can be in private, tune out the world, turn off the mental static and the otherness voices, and settle in to read, write/journal, meditate, and contemplate. If you are lucky to have a larger space or rooms to close off for yourself and screen away the presence of others you can make spaces like that on a grand scale, setting up tables and shelves to display gems and minerals for meditation practice.

My love of gems and stones stems from childhood. Someone always had a curious piece of jewelry on or displayed on a dresser, and every so often a relative gave me special pieces of jewelry containing such exotic stones as lapis lazuli (in a ring from mom), agate (in a set from a beloved aunt), bloodstone, garnet, and later on diamonds and rubies (also from mom). When I moved to Chicago these pieces came with me and my collection has grown.

Instead of every stone being in jewelry though, thus making it handled by somone else and absorbing the energy of processing and manipulation, many are in raw or tumbled or polished forms (no metal mounts and minimal handling) and used for meditation and centering. On cloudy and cold days, or days when the weather seems out of balance and not root or sacral chakra friendly, the stones I prefer are dark in hue- shades of brown, black and red to tune in a connection to the Earth and dark regions of the universe where stars are created and elements are produced.

A basic gem or mineral collection for grounding yourself in sturdy life beliefs and principles (root/base/ Earth core) may include black tourmaline, moss agate/ banded agate, garnet, smoky quartz, bloodstone, and clear quartz and kyanite. For the sacral area (in the processes of the lower gut) use stones with orange and golden and glowing colors that will also connect on a higher level with the solar plexus chakra) such as orange calcite. You may hold them, gaze at them, keep them around during the day in a pocket or in the case of larger pieces put them on a desk when you study or in a space where you meditate. Cleanse them carefully (there are books and online articles teaching about the care of gems and stones) and work with them generously. If in doubt using water (some stones do not do well exposed to water or salt- and do not expose them to harsh chemicals) then use brown rice, rose petals, and the safe smuding with sage bundles.

Your root and sacral chakras (wheels of living glowing energy within and around the body) are areas of survival instinct and nutrition and elimination, drawing in and flushing out every day. These areas must be cleansed and charged with good intention, positive affirmations and wisdom so they remain strong and balanced no matter what the conditions or the weather or the seasons are. You shall not be shaken by the prejudices, the sorting and bureaucratic judgments and policies, or the comments of others or any categorizations that diminish the True You.

Ascension Ground to Light. Chicago Cultural Center, Illinois. Photo by Divi Logan.

Winter well, my friends, and enjoy the True You.

Divi Logan, Chicago, 2016.


PURE TAO: a decorating style in which the essential elements are minimalism in decoration, order and regime in one’s daily maintenance routines, the use of soft colors such as celadon, gray, off whites/ neutrals, and lilac for accents. Pure Tao incorporates a few special things in displays so as to reduce any sort of clutter- visual, mental, spiritual, and promote calmness and clarity of thought. It is vital to learn to regulate your possessions in this lifestyle.

SHOIN: in traditional Japanese architecture and interior design, a desk built in to very formal rooms and a style looking to elegance and nobility in the quality of materials and the size of the rooms. Shoin is warm and welcoming and brings hospitality to any setting.


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