Grounding and Elevating: Be Yourself and Nurture Your Noble Instincts

How many of us have traveled by air, soaring above the clouds and feeling the power of everything involved in the art and science of aviation?

Jumbo Jet Outbound from O’Hare. Divi Logan.

In the world of passenger aviation there is the planning stage, the middle stage, and the finishing stage. In each, as with in the growth and development of a human being, there are plans to make, skills to learn and test, and then the desired effect of a successful result for the learning and effort put forth. People who build jets and those who fly them know the technical aspects of making safe aviation happen; people who fly as passengers know that they can hope for all that mathematical calculation, intellectual prowess and thousands of hours testing and perfecting to lead to one thing – getting from point A to point B safely.

Now, we do not begin at the flight phase and take it from there. We begin our development before we are 100% aware that we are in a profound stage of growth and on the marvelous journey of life. Others from early on have charge of our growth and nurturing. Sometimes that doesn’t always go quite right; sometimes those who are supposed to love us and care for us do awful, mean and rotten things. They treat us like objects instead of people, like objects that have no feelings, no rights, and nothing to give them but gratification and mental enslavement.

But you DO have great powers over yourself. You CAN beat that system of treating children like property, minors like slaves, kids like laborers and gratifiers and cheap sources of pleasure. You CAN bring the pure, starlight elemental, loving and nurturing aspects back into your life… your OWN life, no matter what stage you are in. You can break those bonds, release the pent – up tensions placed upon you like chains of captives by those who were supposed to treat you properly.

KLM 747 Inbound Over Lake Michigan to O’Hare. Divi Logan.

A great way to do this is simply to do as I did for years back home in Nashville, while overcoming such sensations of being around some people who were not as caring or loving or nurturing as I knew they could be and giving me the care I deserved and knew of even early on, having learned about the basic freedoms and rights every person has. We have freedom of movement, freedom of expression, and freedom of speech, and we need to learn to use those privileges wisely and with noble judgment.

What is that basic activity of my childhood that was at once grounding and elevating, curious and stunning? I would go outside and watch the air traffic pattern of our nearby airport, which had shared space with the Tennessee Air Guard. It was the regular passenger traffic I took the most interest in. There those shiny silvery machines were, moving hundreds of people dozens of times a day, soaring over the yard on their way to destinations across our miraculous country. I watched and listened, knowing someday I would be on one of those marvels of art and science, participating in an aspect of public interaction that is so monumental that it leaves no social stone unturned.

747 Seconds Away From Landing at O’Hare. Divi Logan.

If you are ground – bound and unable to travel by air, you can in a higher sense put your good thoughts towards those who are traveling and who watch those in the skies. You can wish them well, wish them safe travels, and feel really good. Such simple actions can lift even the most downtrodden spirit and enlighten the darkest soul; there is just something so majestic about the basic act of turning one’s thoughts and visions to the universe, to the skies that surround us, beckoning us with air traffic and with the beauties of nature, the birds and the clouds and the rainbows that bring joy to us during deeply changing times.

Depth of feeling, depth of love, and not only that which is deep and curious but that which lifts you away from the old mortal coil are yours for the taking and for the sharing.

Stay warm and keep learning and loving and nurturing.

Grow and learn through your unique chakra energies and gifts.
A jumbo jet crosses York Road on approach to land at O’Hare International Airport, Chicago (ORD).

Divi Logan. Chicago, 2016.

Skill Tool: Leica V-LUX 4 1080 HD Digital Bridge Camera


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