Outer Peace and Inner Peace: We Have Both. Let Us Share that Legacy. #2

The Light of Elevation. Chicago’s Cultural Center. Photo by Divi Logan.

Will you welcome others into your circle of life
As gently and humbly
As you welcome yourself?

Chicago has made headlines more in the past couple of years for the violence and extremely high murder rate, and the area around the city has seen increased use of drugs and more talk about gangs and their dirty work. People all over the world were clued in by the mass news media about the nearly eight hundred homicides, the highway shootings, the deaths by drugs, the gang – related turf crossfire revenge

There is a lot of talk about the police, the churches, the community centers, the anti – violence activists and the protests against brutality. We sure hear and see a lot about the outer aspects of the problems – the television news stories and the radio news articles about the “gun violence” and the deaths caused by addictive drugs such as heroin, and we sure do see a lot of videos of police and encounters and the disrespect on both sides of the story. There is a lot of turbulence in the outer.

There is even more turbulence in the inner arenas of self.

Focus on the Center. The Symmetry of True Self. Terminal 3 Corridor at O’Hare International Airport. Photo by Divi Logan.


There is nothing relevant in the talk of separation of church and state, nothing in the corporate talk and mass media spin and mental bullying by those who advocate the use and provision of the tools of violence and pushing these things – guns, drugs, addictive substances – unless those who stand against these negatives take action and rid their homes and cities and schools of these things. There is no need for these invasive factors in our society. These terms and the big push of the “influential” and the “powerful” among us only leads us to believe that what we see on TV and in the movies and on the violent games is right and just and proper and acceptable. We need to learn to shove those impersonal things aside and the divisive intrusiveness that comes with them and learn to think and judge wisely for ourselves.

The common denominator that is lacking in this tense atmosphere seems to be ultimately the respect we need to have for the rights, freedoms, and feelings of others. We will turn outward and vent and curse and fight but we do not turn in with wisdom, meditation, calm and quiet times to just be with ourselves and try with the natural gifts and talents we all are endowed with, to find solutions. But we must turn within and teach ourselves and then when we understand what we can bring to the positives table, we interact with others of like spirit and get out there to drive the demons out of our society and our lives.

Outer is only distraction from the actual problem; turning to what is not us divides our true selves from what is the real us, the person that in right mind and spirit would not stand idly by and watch the shootings, the drug use, the suicides, the murders, or bide to listen to one word of the divisive talk and the separative diversity drivel that pushes people apart rather than bringing them together in an atmosphere of peace and grace. Outer is that which draws us away – the advertisers pushing this sense of needing to “be first in line”, “be the first to do…”, “hurry in for…”, and such like in the language of arrogance and the vulnerability of persuasion.

Forget the denominations, forget the gang relations, forget the negative relationships and anything that chains you and separates you with falsehoods and the delusional language of others especially those who seem to be in positions of power. Be careful in wisdom and attend with care on your True Self.

Affirm to yourself each day before your out – of – self interactions the positives. YOU HAVE gifts and talents. YOU HAVE good and truth and vibrant love within. Say it as you go about: I have a lot to do but I can do it with focus and deep concentration and lots of love. I have security and stability to do anything. I am secure in basic needs and essentials of life and have no need to do anything but evolve, achieve, and advance. I AM firmly rooted. I LOVE others as I love myself.


Outer peace can only begin with inner peace.

Positive Directional Ascent. Chicago’s Cultural Center. Photo by Divi Logan.

Divi Logan, Chicago, 2016.


  • A new year’s send of love and grace in the creative world of art to Joshi, follower and photographer.

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