There is Inner Peace. Will there be Outer Peace? Chicago Begins 2017. #1

There is a Path. Where Will You Go? Bridge at Seascape Resort, near Aptos, California. Photo by Divi Logan.

Begin this day mildly and gently.
Begin this new year with peace and grace.
Begin with introspection in love and elevation.
Begin with Earth Star’s grand connection.

Feel the glow and the sounds
Of this wondrous Universe…
From which we came and through which we are nourished.
The energies of Mother Earth
Core bright and shimmering and deep

and Primal……..

Sunrise over Chicago: The Belt of Venus Effect. Earth’s Shadow contrasts gray against the soft light of dawn. Photo by Divi Logan.

The I HAVE within you reaches out and down into that energetic aura
The energy field finding a golden thread
Glowing with that to awaken True Self
Radiant with powerful instinct and nurturing
Let it not be considered low or base

This is energy most plentiful.
It is energy.

It lives and breathes and gives us life
The LAM chant and the seed sounds of our Universe
Build and deepen and motivate us.

But let us be easy
On ourselves and others
Let us be kind and forgiving
Giving ourselves and everybody a fresh and loving start
Let us be gracious and humble and noble in the same instant.

To share is to learn and to love…

To be True Self is the manifestation.

Sharing the Space. Two planes in the skies over Chicago. Photo by Divi Logan.

Go in and go out but go with tenderness and kindness and respectful silence.

Peace to all in the light of the Earth Star and the Root Chakra.

Divi Logan, Chicago, January 1, 2017.



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